Free cannabis seeds

Great free cannabis seeds deals

Did you say free cannabis seeds?

Yes I did.

The catch is of course that you usually have to buy something in order to qualify for free cannabis seeds but it’s still a great way to get top quality cannabis seeds for free.

A number of reliable quality cannabis seed banks have free seeds they will throw in when you place a small order but on of the best of the bunch is Seedsman of London who sell cannabis seeds worldwide.


Where (and how) to get free marijuana seeds

free feminized cannabis seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds are a quality seed bank and currently give away five feminized seeds with every order that’s over €90 (that’s about £70 or $100).

The type of free seed changes every few weeks but since all their feminized strains are excellent, you’re guaranteed something good.

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Then there’s Seedsman, based in London.

These guys are good. I should know, I have purchased seeds from them in the past and plan to keep doing so. Not that I would ever get seeds to germinate of course – just to preserve the genetic heritage ;).

So what kind of free cannabis seeds are they giving away with every purchase you ask?

Well, it varies but currently you can get free White Widow seeds (regular, feminized or automatic) when you spend as little as €4. The more you spend, the more free seeds you get. A sweet deal.

Seedsman free cannabis seedsSeedsman have a ton of other promotions too – click on the pic above to see all the current promos. They have a huge range of seeds, stocking seeds by almost every good seedbank you could care to name, and so they also frequently have promotions featuring specific seedbanks.

At the moment, Seedsman have free seed promotions with over 40 different seedbanks – too numerous to name, so just click here and scroll down for the juicy details: SEEDSMAN FREE SEEDS

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Nirvana Seedsfree cannabis seeds nirvana seeds is another excellent Amsterdam seed bank who also give away free seeds – ten free seeds when you spend as little as €10!

That means with any packet of seeds you order (regular seeds come in packs of 10, feminized and autofems in packs of 5), you’ll get ten free seeds. These free seeds are regular “mystery seeds” and are a mix, so you won’t know what you’re getting – but it’s a good chance to try out something new.

And Nirvana’s prices are so good – starting at €20/£15/$25 for regular seeds and €25/£20/$30 for feminized/autofem seeds – that you can’t go wrong.

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sensi seeds logoSensi Seeds occasionally does promotions with 15% off for all its seed varieties.

BTW, if you reading about this opportunity outside of Europe you’re shit out of luck because, for whatever reason, Sensi Seeds do not send seeds outside of the continent.

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Bookmark this page and check back every so often because it’s being constantly updated and as new free cannabis seeds deals come on board we will post them up here so you can be first to find out about them before they run out.

By keeping an eye on the free marijuana seed give-aways, you can grow some awesome weed with little initial outlay (if you live in  a country we’re it’s legal to grow marijuana or course or you have a special grower’s permit :)).