Free cannabis seeds

Great free marijuana seeds deals while they last.

Did you say free cannabis seeds?

Yes I did.

The catch is of course that you usually have to buy something in order to qualify for free cannabis seeds but it’s still a great way to get top quality cannabis seeds for free.

A number of reliable quality cannabis seed banks have free seeds they will throw in when you place a small order but on of the best of the bunch is Seedsman of London who sell cannabis seeds worldwide.

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Just came in 9 March 2013 – Demonseeds, sellers of ‘pick & mix’ and single cannabis seeds are now offering 20% off their Flying Dutchman cannabis seeds bank (and it’s huge, if you have a particular cannabis strain you’re looking for chances are they stock it).

To get the 20% off Flying Dutchman seeds enter the discount code DUTCH20 when checking out.

Click the link to check them out: Demonseeds Flying Dutchman seeds

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free cannabis seeds promotional offerThese guys are good. I should know, I have purchased seeds from them in the past and plan to do so in the not too distant future given that winter is waning and the growing season is looming ever closer. Not that I would ever get seeds to germinate of course – just to preserve the genetic heritage ;).

So what kind of free cannabis seeds are they giving away with every purchase you as ?

If you spend between £25 and £45 then currently they are giving away 5 Early Thai and Skunk Regular seeds. This is an awesome strain if you like sweet smelling weed with a soaring happy high when smoked.

But here’s the amazing thing about this free seed give away: If you spend over £45 you not only get the 5 Early Thai x Skunk free seeds but they also throw in 2 White Widow feminised! How awesome is that. If you’ve never heard of White Widow before you’re in for a treat. This award winning cannabis strain has been the darling of Amsterdam pot heads for years, being available in all the coffee houses there. Just two feminised White Widow seeds is worth the £45 in my opinion – when you consider these are high yielding plants of super bud.

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free cheese seedsAnd if that doesn’t get you motivated what if I could tell you you can get 10 free Cheese cannabis seeds every time you buy a pack of Kaliman seeds.

Cheese seeds have been a long time favourite of serious smokers here in the UK and the fact that London-based Seedsman is giving them away is not something to be missed, especially when you think that Kaliman seeds are Cheese marijuana experts, making available some of the best Cheese weed hybrids found anywhere in the world.

I kid you not. They are a bit pricey (£52.99 for each packet of 10) but this is a high quality cannabis seed bank and the 10 free Cheese seeds thrown in with each pack turns the offer into real bargain – especially if you’re a ‘Cheese Head’ ;).

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mosca free cannabis seedsThen there’s the Mosca seeds deal. If you buy any pack of Mosca cannabis seeds (£54 to £84) they will throw in 3 free Azucar seeds, a cross between Bubble Gum x Cinderella 99 – nice! :) Mosca seed bank is the cheapest cannabis seeds out there but you can be assured of quality.

They concentrate on developing a few supper strains rather than try have everything for everybody – leading to an inevitable decline in quality.

If you know Mosca strains and even has the privileged to sample the product you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You get what you pay for as they say. Now with this Seedsman’s special promo you get what you pay for plus 3 free Azucar cannabis seeds. Tidy!:).

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free feminised seeds promoThen there’s a free cannabis seed promo with Grass-O-Matic seeds, who like the Mosca seed bank above, don’t produce a lot of different strains but the ones they do maintain are top-notch.

As the name implies, Grass-O-Matic mainly works with auto-flowering strains, the ones that start producing buds not long after germination and continue to grow buds untill harvest time – meaning you get to sample as they grow :D.

Grass-O-Matic is famous for their super fast strains like Auto Mass and Auto AK47.

Here’s the deal: For every 10 pack of Grass-O-Matic cannabis seeds you can get 3 free feminised seeds (Max GOM); 2 free feminised seeds if you buy a 5 pack; and 1 free feminised cannabis seed if you buy a 3 pack.

If you’re into experimenting with automatics this is an offer that’s worth taking advantage of.

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free auto seedsWhile on the topics of auto-flowering marijuana, it might be worth mention the 2 free Thai cannabis seeds you can get your hands on every time you order a 5 pack of seeds from Kannabia seed bank operating in Spain.

They a have a good range of excellent cannabis varieties and there’s sure something to please everyone.

If you want to buy a 10 pack of cannabis seeds from Kannabia then they’ll throw in 4 free Special Max auto-flowering seeds. Just like the Grass-O-Matic deal above but here you can get regular or feminised seeds and auto-flowering seeds all in one purchase.

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sour kush 2 free seeds

Spend £75+ on cannabis seeds from any seedbank(s) and get 2 free Sour Kush Feminised seeds added to your order.

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mr nice free seeds

Buy any pack of Mr Nice Seeds and get 2 free ASH Regular Seeds with each pack you buy.

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sensi seeds logoTo celebrate ten years in business supplying some of the top cannabis seed genetics around Europe, Sensi Seeds is doing a 15% off for all its seed varieties fro 15 February 2013 to 15 March 2013.

That’s one whole month which gives you plenty of time to decide and get some awesome cannabis seeds in hand before growing season here in Europe get started.

BTW, if you reading about this opportunity outside of Europe you’re shit out of luck because, for whatever reason, Sensi Seeds do not send seeds outside of the continent.

Also to get the 15% off the price of all the cannabis seeds you need to enter the promo code SNBFS15S when checking out.

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Bookmark this page and check back every so often because it’s being constantly updated and as new free cannabis seeds deals come on board we will post them up here so you can be first to find out about them before they run out.

By keeping an eye on the free marijuana seed give-aways, you can grow some awesome weed with little initial outlay (if you live in  a country we’re it’s legal to grow marijuana or course or you have a special grower’s permit :)).