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Super Blueberry Haze Automatics

Super Blueberry Haze Automatic mother plant

This is a great variety that grows around 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall (1 meter), produces thick sweet smelling bud that gives a happy inspirational high when consumed.

It can be harvested 3 months after germination (although waiting up to 4 months is best in my experience).

Pasted below is the description of this variety on Seedsman canabis seed bank:

Super Blueberry Haze is an auto-flowering strain that was created to satisfy the demand for an uplifting auto sativa plant that also delivered a very full-on flavoursome experience.

Super Blueberry Haze Auto is a cross of the legendary Super Silver Haze together with Blueberry with the auto-flowering genetics courtesy of a Mexican Ruderalis.

The average height of this strain is a little bigger than many other of the Flash Seeds’ range at 80 – 130 cm. tall.

Yields between 40 – 90 gr per plant. The effects are fairly typical of sativa dominant plants giving a happy feeling providing the energy with which to be active and social.

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