Buying a Grow Room, Grow Cabinet, Grow Box, or Grow Tent

Thinking of buying a grow room, grow cabinet, grow box or grow tent? There are plenty of ready-made grow rooms, cabinets, boxes and tents of all sorts and sizes available online. So which is the best one for what you need?

If you already know exactly what you want, then here are links to a couple of reputable sellers of high-quality grow rooms, cabinets and tents to get you started. Just click to go to the online stores and find what you’re after: (ships worldwide) (ships to US and Canada only)

For more information on these two companies and their products, just scroll down this page a bit.


When buying a grow room, grow cabinet or grow box, which are the best?

Obviously, some suppliers are better than others. The two companies listed above – Superclosets and Dealzer – both have a proven track record of providing quality products at reasonable prices. So you’ll be fine with either of those for buying a grow room, grow cabinet or grow box or tent.

If you’re not sure what kind of grow room, grow cabinet, grow box or grow tent you need, then that’s a different question.

One easy way to find out is to use the “guided shopping” tool from Supercloset. It gives you simple choices to make, one step at a time, so that gradually you whittle down your options to find the product most suitable for your needs. Click here to use it:

Supercloset guided shopping tool


Supercloset versus Dealzer – which is the best for grow rooms / cabinets / tents?

Let’s start with Supercloset

Superclosest grow rooms etc - special offerSupercloset is the world’s best seller of grow rooms, cabinets and boxes. So you could say that their products are tried and tested!

Supercloset stocks a wide range of grow boxes, cabinets and rooms – of all sizes and suitable for all spaces, from a few feet high and wide to 9 feet x 9 feet. Different kinds of lighting are also available (LED, HPS and CFL) and you can get them for use with or without soil.

SuperCloset is renowned for its award-winning designs, particularly for its SuperPonics watering system (“SuperPonics is the fusion of Deep Water Culture, Aeroponic, and Top Feed all in a single system [and] perfectly balances the amount of water your plants need and provides much-needed oxygen to the roots at all times.”) and also its full-spectrum Kind LED lights. Supercloset products are industry-leading in many aspects actually – airflow circulation, netting, carbon filtration…

To give an example of why their products are so popular, here’s a screenshot from their homepage with details of exactly why their grow rooms are so good:

You can also click here to read more about special Supercloset grow room features.

Supercloset has an exceptional business reputation, being accredited by the Better Business Bureau and having a perfect A+ rating (better than any other hydroponics companies).

Supercloset products come ready-to-use. All their grow rooms, cabinets and boxes arrive almost completely assembled. You basically just have to fill the reservoir and plug it in. And that’s it. Off you grow!

All Supercloset products come with a three-year warranty and lifetime customer and technical support.


What about Dealzer then?

Dealzer Grow Boxes and TentsDealzer has a solid reputation and has also been around quite a while with thousands of satisfied customers.

Dealzer is generally a cheaper option and its products are high-quality, though it doesn’t have the accolades of Supercloset. Another advantage is that you can apply for interest-free financing if you want to pay on a monthly basis rather than up-front.

Dealzer has a smaller selection of grow boxes, focusing on boxes and tents, rather than grow rooms, although they also stock a wide range of other hydroponic and growing supplies.

All Dealzer’s own products come with a lifetime warranty (though not products they sell made by other manufacturers).


Supercloset vs Dealzer: a basic comparison

Supercloset Dealzer
sells grow boxes, cabinets, tents and grow rooms, plus other hydroponic supplies sells grow boxes and tents, plus other hydroponic supplies
ships worldwide (distribution centres in US and UK) ships to US and Canada only
3 year warranty on all products
plus lifetime customer and technical support
lifetime warranty on their own products
grow tents (shells) from $231
grow boxes and cabinets from $725
grow rooms from $999
grow tents (shells only) from $179
grow boxes from $595


What about the prices of buying a grow room, cabinet, box or tent?

Have a look at the prices in the table above to get an idea. (These are the prices of the cheapest products, so bigger boxes, tents or rooms will cost more.) Grow rooms, wherever you get them, are not cheap. And even for a good-sized cabinet or box you’re going to need a few hundred bucks. Tents are the cheapest though require more work on your part in maintaining your crop.

Dealzer are a bit cheaper though have a smaller range of goods. However, Supercloset have the edge on the technical side and may be a better investment in the long run.

Both companies frequently have sales and special offers on so snap these up when you can.

What about shipping when buying a grow room?

Both Supercloset and Dealzer are American companies. Dealzer only sells in North America – they don’t generally ship outside the US and Canada. Supercloset ships worldwide, with a distribution centre in the UK as well as the US, meaning that shipping within Europe is cheaper since most products are not having to come all the way from the States.


Alright, I hope that answers a few questions.

One last thing to mention is the websites. You’ll notice that Supercloset has a simpler, cleaner website which is easier to navigate. Dealzer’s site is more cluttered, although they do have sexy ladies in tight trousers draping themselves over the grow boxes. Apparently they are not included in the purchase, however. False advertising!

Happy shopping and most of all – happy growing 🙂