CBD and Spa Services – what’s the connection

5 Ways CBD Fits Into Spa Services

Therapeutic oil, soothing scents, relaxing massage, and some tranquil music- mere visualisation of a calming spa experience can transport you into a different world and lift your spirits. While at-home massages are now making a way into lives, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) oil popularity has witnessed an explosion across the wellness and cosmetic sector over the past couple of years. Approximately 7% of Americans are already using CBD, and by 2025, the figure is expected to grow to 10%. CBD has one of the fastest-growing markets globally and is already generating nearly $2 billion in sales.

What is CBD oil?

CBD extract is sourced from the Hemp plant. The spa industry uses CBD in diluted form after high impact compounds of cannabis get removed from the plant. CBD oil consists of two main ingredients: compound cannabis and a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp seeds oil. The customer benefits from the antioxidant properties of CBD after the THC traces are removed.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD has been legalised in some cities of the United States and is still deemed illegal in others. CBD extracted from hemp is considered legal after the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act in December 2018. On the other hand, CBD extraction from cannabis is considered illegal at the federal level. However, different states have different laws regarding its use.

How CBD Integrates Into the Spa Industry?

CBD offers a myriad of potential health benefits, making it a perfect fit for the spa services sector. Lazarus Natural CBD is proven to reduce anxiety and panic. It contains analgesic properties and can also treat acne. Here are five ways how CBD integrates into the spa industry.

Natural Remedy

Clients opting for the spa are more interested in experiencing organic and natural therapies for rejuvenation. The stigmas over CBD are now being lifted, and as a result, people are getting a better understanding of the health benefits of CBD oil. Therefore, CBD Canada is gradually becoming the magic ingredient for the spa industry as clients have learned that it comes from the hemp plant, is non-psychoactive, and is 100% natural.

Reduces Anxiety & Pain

CBD contains analgesic, anti-depressing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, making it a valuable asset for aromatherapy. Over the past few years, CBD oil has shown promising results regarding treatment for anxiety, panic, and depression. CBD attracts those who believe in natural spa therapy to reduce stress.

What does one primarily look for in a fulfilling spa experience? – the feeling of contentment, happiness, relaxation, and the results, of course! CBD foot cream for instance is well suited for foot spa services since it can balance proliferation among cells and regulate sebum production, which improves blood circulation, and skin texture and induces relaxation among clients.

Deep-healing Properties

Various arguments in favor of CBD indicate that the plant-extracted compound contains neuroprotective and deep-healing properties. In fact, it has also been used to safely treat insomnia and incidents of anxiety among users who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD oil also contains properties which can reduce muscle aches and joint pain, therefore, making spa a multi-benefiting experience for many.

Due to Relaxing effects, CBD Products Are Gaining Popularity & Credibility

While it may or may not come as a surprise to many, there was a time in 2019 when CBD products were more popular than Kim Kardashian and Beyonce online in parts of America. In fact, CBD is gaining popularity with every passing day as stigmas around its production are getting lifted. Customers are now trusting the product more with big celebrity names like the Kardashians vouching for its credibility. The CBD extracted products, even in the spa industry offer treatment and consequential satisfaction to customers. Clients across the American continent love the benefits of the CBD-infused products which they use. Client reviews suggest that the customers feel happy, calm, and less anxious after using CBD oils and serums. Various customers have also reported an improved sleep cycle and sleeping pattern after a relaxing CBD oil massage.

Improving Skin Health

CBD oil produced from hemp provides miniaturisation to the skin, making it smooth and supple. According to research, CBD can prevent the secretion of excessive sebum from the sebaceous gland cells. This particular anti-inflammatory action restricts the activation of cytokines (acne-causing inflammatory agents). It can also improve skin texture, which makes it a magic ingredient for spa massages. CBD oil is specifically beneficial for people with dry skin and conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin pigmentation by removing redness. CBD facials are hence gaining immense popularity in the spa industry as they not only soothe skin but also improve blood circulation, making the skin brighter and glowing.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that CBD services are gradually sweeping the world with their credibility and popularity. CBD has great expectations to live up to with celebrities like Kim Kardashian vouching for CBD benefits to help with sleep and stress. It should be noted that all the praise and popularity the CBD is gathering is not a happy coincidence but result-driven. If you are a spa business owner and are contemplating on ways to expand and attract more customers in the post coronavirus world, we’d suggest you add CBD oil treatment and spa to your list of available services. Or, if you’re a customer who is itching to inch back towards normalcy and experience relaxation in place of paranoia, what better way to do so than by booking a CBD spa appointment?