Cheese cannabis strain

You might’ve been hearing a lot about Cheese seeds – they’re pretty hyped in the UK, for example. Before you buy or grow some, here’s an insight into where Cheese cannabis comes from and why it is so popular in the UK.

A famous genotype which was developed in the United Kingdom, the background of Cheese is simple and for a number of clear reasons, its genetic origins are acknowledged all over England.
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For a lot of people in the United Kingdom, an important reference for knowing if a genotype of cannabis is the good stuff is its comparison with Cheese.

How come? Well, the intense, persistent and Indica-like qualities of Cheese marijuana are something similar to a quality cheese.

Obviously there’s more than flavour to this strain and the abundance of thick crystals which cover the flowers of this fine genotype are another reason Cheese cannabis is so well-loved.

Cheese seeds produce a strain that imparts a perfectly balanced physical and cerebral effect when smoked. Cheese delivers a significant degree of CBD which softens the level of THC found in the harvest.

With an 8 week flowering period and copious heavy yields, this strain is consided within the top 10 by all the coffeeshops in Holland and has been awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The shape of this strain is languid, with broad foliage and slim stalks, a heirloom from its Skunk influence, and the flowers it develops are lush and numerous.

The Cheese cannabis strain was originally reared within an underground culture in the United Kingdom, as part of an organised property rights project called Exodus.

In the nineties, the Cheese cannabis strain became a focus for marijuana cloning undertakings which was to a degree tolerated by local authorities and which produced a cannabis strain which is now regarded as no. 1 in the United Kingdom.

Cheese seeds have been much interbred and experimented with and variant genotypes include Cheese cannabis varieties called Chiesel, Confidential Cheese, Exodus Cheese, Cheese Tease….

Click on the pic above for an overview of the best Cheese seeds, along with links to buy from top quality seedbanks.

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