Facts about medical marijuana that may surprise you

Medical Marijuana facts

medical marijuana factsMedical marijuana has existed in the medical world for many years.

There are two major cannabis strains: cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa containing three popular compounds- CBD, THC and CBN.

Medical marijuana is useful in treating many conditions, including nausea, pain, inflammation, anxiety, low appetite, seizure, and many other conditions including insomnia and somniphobia.

Medical marijuana is taken to treat various conditions. Though medical and recreational marijuana come from the same plant, they do have some significant differences. For one, recreational marijuana contains more THC, while medical marijuana contains more of CBD. Moreover, many states are accepting medical marijuana and legalizing it, whereas recreational marijuana is still facing legality issues in many places.

Also, it is readily available at places where it is legal in different forms such as oils, seeds, tablets, or edibles. Thus, depending on your lifestyle and your needs, you can use the most suitable way to consume medical marijuana.

One can also grow their seeds at the comfort of their homes. You can buy medical marijuana seeds here and get started toi day.

Here are some facts you didn’t know about medical marijuana

THC is non-psychoactive when fresh

Did you know this? Many people do not use THC for medical purposes because of its psychoactive effects. THC is THCA while in its raw form. Several physicians are already using raw marijuana to treat people, and claim that “fresh” marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. However, it may lose some of its medical benefits when you dry it.

THCA has outstanding anti-proliferation and anti-inflammatory properties that have the potency of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. THCA can also assist patients in controlling seizures since it has antispasmodic features.

Presently, THCA can help to treat patients with prolonged immune disorders. Patients who have Lupus confirm that using raw marijuana is of great help than the traditional treatments they have been trying.

Source of revenue for state governments

California was the first state to make medical marijuana legal 20 years ago. Now in 2019, more and more states are legalising the use of medical marijuana.

Typically, the legalisation of marijuana has seen states raise a lot of revenue from it. Legalisation of recreational and medical marijuana comes with a hefty tax of 15%, including income from licensing and fees.

Sales revenue vary from state to state, with Washington leading in its sale. The high profits from medical marijuana sales attract the government to impose taxes on the income of cannabis businesses.

The revenue from these businesses is a booster for education, mental health care, and other state projects.

Suicide rates are lower in legal marijuana states

medical marijuana strainsA study reveals that states that allow the use of medical marijuana has reduced suicide rates than in states that do not allow the use of medical marijuana.

As per the study, there is a 10% reduction in suicide cases because of the legalisation of medical marijuana.

The findings of this study go hand in hand with the theory that medical marijuana can treat depression and other stress-related conditions. Thus, people will not opt to take their lives even when facing a difficult situation.

In addition to lowering suicide rates, many types of marijuana can enhance ones enjoyment of life. This holds for a wide variety of activities including sexual activity. There is even a list of the best marijuana for sex.

There are more than thousand slang names for marijuana

You have probably heard of several of these many names, including weed, pot, Mary Jane, ganja, and many others. These are over a thousand slang names for marijuana. Since marijuana has been illegal in many states, the users and the dealers had to use a code language to avoid arrests and punishments.

The illegality of cannabis is the main reason as to why it has many slang names. There are other names of marijuana that might be new to many people, including Nixon, Aunt Mary, airplane, muggle, Houdini, Climb.

You can enjoy medical marijuana in different ways

You can either vape marijuana or ingest it as edibles. With many online dispensaries, you can mail order marijuana products. The different ways to consume medical marijuana include:

  • Drinks: You can make marijuana tea from its stems and enjoy its benefits. Moreover, you can add marijuana to various beverages. What better way to consume medical marijuana than to have it in your favourite drink?
  • Sprays: you can spray marijuana on the tongue to treat various conditions.
  • Blunt: this is the favourite for experienced weed smokers; it entails wrapping the weed with several cigar papers to create a robust joint.

There has never been a marijuana overdose

Marijuana has a lengthy history of its use and no overdose records. Overdose number will continue to be at zero unless there is anyone who will be able to vape 1500 pounds of marijuana in fifteen minutes, a figure that can lead to marijuana overdose.

You will have to vape 20,000-40,000 normal joints for within few hours to die out of its toxicity. Therefore, overdosing from marijuana is hypothetical and not possible.


medical marijuanaAlthough medical marijuana has been in existence for decades, there are many facts that you might not know.

Luckily, the above facts will help you have a better understanding of medical marijuana.

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