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Growing your own medical marijuana is now legal in Canada

Heard the latest? The Canadian Government has legalised growing medical marijuana for personal use. Woohoo!

But before you get over-excited and move to Canada for a big weed free-for-all, keep in mind that only folk who already have a permit to use medical marijuana can take advantage of this new ruling.

You might not have known this, but it’s been legal for several years in Canada to use medical marijuana, but the thing was that users/patients had to buy it only from licensed producers – of which there are less than 30 countrywide! Having a total corner on the market, their prices were high and they offered quite a limited range of medical marijuana strains.

As you’ll know, if you’ve ever used marijuana medically, different strains have very different effects, largely due to the variations in the amounts of THC and CBD they contain. Some strains are great for lifting depression and boosting energy, others are more effective for reducing pain, or helping stress or insomnia. Just like with pharmaceutical drugs, there’s no “one size fits all”.

You can read more about different kinds of medical marijuana here, along with suggestions for the top medical marijuana strains (with links to buy seeds, if you’re in a country or situation where you can grow your own):
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What next for medical marijuana?

Medijuana – Medical marijuana seeds from Amsterdam

So this is great news for medical marijuana users in Canada – not only can they grow their own at a fraction of the price of regularly buying, but they can also focus on those strains suitable for their own conditions.

And the new Liberal government, led by Justin Trudeau, has also promised to legalize recreational cannabis possession and use. The future does look pretty rosy, but some warn that there are many hurdles before these promises can be effectively implemented, and even to ensure that the right to grow your own medical marijuana is properly enshrined in law – at the moment, despite the new ruling, it’s not set in stone as the government has time to appeal the decision.

According to Vice News, “Federal Judge Michael Phelan has ruled in favor of four British Columbia residents, declaring the country’s medical marijuana regime, known as the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), unconstitutional. This means that the federal law passed by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper has no force and effect.”

“The judge ordered the ruling suspended for six months, giving the Liberals, who campaigned on legalizing and regulating pot, time to revise the legislation. In the meantime, the judge has upheld a previous injunction that allows patients to continue growing their own cannabis.”


Other medical marijuana news

There’s also been a legal victory for a Dutch resident who was prosecuted for growing his own medical marijuana (again, in the Netherlands, you’re supposed to get it from government-sanctioned suppliers), but then acquitted. Unfortunately, the ruling there doesn’t mean other people are allowed to grow their own weed – just him.

But it’s all progress… and surely, if slowly, we’re moving towards a world where we can grow our own herbs for healing or pleasure without the threat of police raids!