Paradise Seeds – delivering quaility cannabis strains

paradise seedsBack in the eighties the propagation of high grade marijuana species for growing indoors and outside in various climates as well as specific strains bred for their medicinal effects was still in its infancy. That soon all changed when the man behind Paradise Seeds got motivated.

After many of years of cultivating and experimenting with many varieties of marijuana strains, Paradise Seeds was established  in early nineties.

Paradise Seeds vision was to introduce better weed strains into the  coffeeshop scene taking into account the fact that a good deal of what was imported at that time was of poor grade. Paradise Seeds undertook all the early research for high grade marijuana types in Holland. The intention was to make available better marijuana strains and better pot with great taste and stronger high.

A variety of new and exciting strains were created and the marijuana seeds were cultivated resulting in sound strains. Consequently, Paradise Seeds marijuana acquired a reputation for several of the best marijuana anywhere. The cannabis seeds were distributed throughout the planet to be reared for personal use and came back into the Amsterdam coffeeshop circuit.

Demand for these marijuana seeds enlarged and as a consequence Paradise Seeds was established to meet that market. By 1999 Paradise Seeds was accepted as a world leader in producing the best marijuana geno-types. During the last decade Paradise Seeds have been awarded more cups and awards than any other marijuana seed bank.

Paradise Seeds keeps the purity and attributes of its marijuana seeds inventory with great diligence. Continued observation and testing results in the continuance of some of the sweetest, strongest, predictable and hardy marijuana geno-types that can be purchased.

The seeds are cultivated naturally and persistently checked for strength ensuring that the grower of any strain of Paradise Seeds is using a high-quality seed that results in great marijuana. Each Paradise Seeds bundle containing ten marijuana seeds comes with the information you require to ensure successful marijuana gardens.