Paradise Seeds

After a number of years of cultivating and testing out many different cannabis, Paradise Seeds set itself up in 1994.

Paradise Seeds mission was to allow top-quality marijuana strains into the Amsterdam coffee shop scene since a lot of what was imported at that time was of low quality. They completed all the early investigations for finer quality marijuana types in Holland. The intention was to create finer marijuana strains and finer pot with great taste and stronger high.

A variety of new and thrilling hybrids were developed and the marijuana seeds were cultivated to produce stabilised strains. After a while, Paradise Seeds marijuana acquired a reputation for many of the best cannabis worldwide. The cannabis seeds were spread all over the world to be cultivated forĀ  use and returned to the Amsterdam coffeeshop circuit.

Demand for Paradise Seeds marijuana seeds increased and as a consequence Paradise Seeds was established to meet the market. By the turn of the century Paradise Seeds was established as a world leader in creating top quality cannabis geno-types. Over the last decade Paradise Seeds have been awarded more trophies and awards than any other marijuana seed bank.

Paradise Seeds preserves the pureness and quality of its marijuana seeds inventory with great care. Ongoing monitoring and testing means the continuation of many of the sweetest, most potent, stable and robust cannabis geno-types that can be purchased.

The seeds are grown naturally and repeatedly tested for strength making sure that the grower of any strain of Paradise Seeds is getting a high-quality strain that results in an outstanding cannabis harvest. Each Paradise Seeds packet containing 10 seeds arrives with cannabis growing help you require to ensure best marijuana crops.

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