Price of cannabis

cannabis seedsI sometimes get complaints about the price of cannabis seeds and I’ll be the first to admit they are not cheap. But when you take into account the time it takes to create a batch of top-notch seeds the cost starts to make more sense.

Many of the top breeds takes years to perfect before the seed are ready to be sold to top breeders around the globe. And that’s not taking into account the many moons spent dealing with failures and starting over again.

Then there’s the risk of persecution. Although virtually the entire world maintains a relaxed attitude when it comes to seed trade, that’s not the case in the USA where authorities there have been known to hunt down and persecute people who send seeds into their country.

The last time I was visiting Canada there was a news item about a Canadian chap who was looking at many years in a US jail because he dared to send some seeds from his Vancouver home to friends south of the boarder. Not sure what happened to him but selling seeds has its risks if some of those seeds find their way to the USA.

Then there is the question of investment and savings. If you are planning to grow marijuana and smoke the harvest the buying seeds will save you money a thousand times over the cost of buying at street cost. How do I figure that?

white widow x big bud indoorTake for instance a gram of White Widow – darling of the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. It will cost you around $10 a gram in Amsterdam (most cannabis there sells between £8 to $12 a gram). Now you can buy 5 White Widow feminised seeds from London for £80 which should result in a harvest of around 2000 grams – or 4 pence a gram!

So yes, it costs a thousand time more to by cannabis in a coffee-shop than grow your own.

Sure there are other costs I haven’t factored in like soil, fertilizer, electricity (if you’re growing indoors) etc.. But let’s face it, all that in minuscule compared the value created. 5 White Widow seeds can produce £20,000 worth of high grade cannabis. That’s a lot of savings :D.

If you require high grade cannabis for medicinal reasons (and your not in the Bill Gates class of wealth) then the growing your own medical marijuana may be your only option.

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