Are Serious Seeds really serious?

serious seedsSerious Seeds was started by a student who was involved in biology in Amsterdam University and then moved on to experiment in marijuana genetics.

In the mission to make available marijuana top strains, he has brought together marijuana strains in every corner of the planet and mixed them with super strains being produced in Amsterdam.

His skill and expertise caused a stir and the famous and long standing marijuana seed-bank, asked Simon to work for them. After a number of years of assisting Sensi Seeds in developing their marijuana seeds bank, he moved on to establish the top level marijuana seeds bank called Serious Seeds.

Serious Seeds quickly established a name for itself achieving Cannabis Cup awards for the now famous top varieties AK47 and Chronic.

The varieties quickly attracted increasing interest in Dutch coffee-shop circles. Varieties like White Russian and Kali Mist became famous attracting very worthy awards for Serious Seeds.

Unlike many other marijuana seed-banks, Serious Seeds do not breed countless breeds developing an ever expanding and bewildering array of breeds to choose from. They maintain and continue to improve a select group of marijuana seed varieties that are known to delight even the most exacting marijuana connoisseur.

People who use and harvest cannabis from seeds produced by Serious Seeds are aware that they’re working with high quality breeds that last the test of time – not getting led down the road of inferior quality fads.