Cheese cannabis

Cheese weedA well-known genotype which originated in the British Isles, the origins of Cheese marijuana is straightforward and for many legitimate reasons, its genetics are acknowledged throughout the British Isles.

For countless tokers in the British Isles, a significant measure for judging if a strain of marijuana seeds is worthy is its comparison with Cheese cannabis seeds.

How come? Its strong, persistent and Indica-like qualities of Cheese cannabis strain is like a real cheese.

Undoubtedly there is far more than aroma to Cheese cannabis. The abundance of crystals which cover the flowers of this aromatic strain is thick.

Cheese produces a well-balanced high with a physical and cerebral mixture. Therefore, Cheese cannabis strain packs a sizable degree of CBD which mellows the level of THC found in the harvest.

With an 8 week flowering period and large heavy yields, Cheese marijuana is considered among the inner circle by all the coffee shops in Holland and has been awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

It all jives with the high esteem and widespread fame that Cheese cannabis strain has obtained.

The shape of Cheese cannabis is expansive, with lengthy foliage and slim stems, a heirloom from its Skunk #1 influence, also the flowers it grows remain dense and numerous.

Fate decreed Cheese cannabis to be first cultivated within the safety measures of a toker’s group in the UK, an organised commoner’s rights project named Exodus.

In the 1990s, Cheese cannabis strain became a centre for marijuana growing activities which was somewhat tolerated by local authorities and which ended up in a variety which is now regarded as the best in the British Isles.

Cheese cannabis could be considered a commercial grower’s genotype including Cheese varieties like Big Buddha Cheese, Confidential Cheese, LA Cheese, Exodus Cheese, Rockster’s Cheese also sharing characteristics with Skunk#1 and Power Plant, since these varieties, together with Cheese cannabis strain, are large harvest varieties, quick and compact.

However, what is essential is that this strain pleases all that has the foresight to check it out because of its mild taste, sufficient effects and the overarching good mood it delivers.