Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds: The Soil Technique

Germinating cannabis seeds

how to germinate cannabis seedsMany people wrongly believe that to germinate cannabis seeds in soil is not a valid technique. However, if one intends to continue using soil as a medium, there is no reason for germinating in soil to be unsuitable, and there are various reasons which make it very suitable indeed.

The advantages of this method are numerous. Firstly, there is far less risk of damaging the fragile tap-root and the many tiny hairs that cover its surface. Secondly, the phenomenon known as gravitropism can begin at once, which is impossible when germinating on a saucer or in a glass.

Gravitropism is the response to gravity shared by all higher plants, which causes the roots to grow downwards and the stems to grow up.

Some growers that use this technique will soak the cannabis seeds for 12 hours in room-temperature water prior to planting them in the soil; this softens and hydrates the outer husk, allowing for more rapid germination.

Many growers also sterilise the soil prior to planting the seeds: this can be achieved by heating the soil to 200°C in an oven or microwave for around 20 minutes (2 minutes in a microwave on full power). This step will ensure that no fungal spores or other potentially-harmful micro-organisms are present to threaten the health of the fragile seedling.

The sterilised soil must then be thoroughly moistened, preferably with distilled water, and placed into small pots (preferably no larger than 5cm deep), one pot per seed. Create a small hole around 2cm deep for the seed to rest.

Once the soil and the cannabis seeds are prepared and ready, simply place the seeds into the hole you have created in the soil, and gently cover it over with a small amount of soil. Keep the pots in a warm place, preferably one that is not too dry so that the soil does not dry out too quickly. It is fine to leave the seeds in darkness until shoots emerge from the soil, at which point placing the pots under a grow light is advisable.

1. A variety that I recommend for culturing your seeds in soil is Big Bud with regular big (because of the Indica genes) cannabis seeds. The plants are easy to grow and have given some good results.