Howard Marks on new CBD strains

Howard Marks, Welsh smuggler and cannabis advocate on CBD strains

Former worldwide marijuana smuggler and current marijuana rights campaigner Howard Marks from Wales (Mr Nice) talks to an interviewer in the recent Spannabis convention held in Barcelona this year, about a range of new strains for medical use.

Note: The video described above is no longer available on Youtube so this more recent interview with Howard marks was substituted. Howard Marks, originally from Kenfig Hill, Wales, passed away in April 2016.

These new strains have been specially cultivated to be high in both THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Both these substances have beneficial healing effects of various kinds, however most strains which are high in THC are fairly low in CBD. This is all changing now with increasing recognition of the valuable medicinal qualities of CBD.

While THC has more of a stimulant effect, CBD is more calming and sedating, making it good for anxiety and stress-related problems. Another effect of CBD is that it actually reduces the psychoactive effect of THC, meaning that you get less ‘high’ from the THC. Not good news if the buzz is what you’re after, but for many medical users, being able to get the medical benefits of marijuana without getting high is a huge advantage.

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And all the best with using marijuana to help with your health 🙂

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