Lowryder Seeds

lowryder seedsLowryder, a.k.a. Ganja Dwarf is the guerilla grower’s marijuana seeds of choice.

A mix between Indica and Mexican Ruderalis it is auto-flowering. In essence, it begins to grow buds shortly after germination regardless of time of year.

This strain stays short only growing around 30 to 50 cm. Hence Lowryder seeds are great for outdoor growing in areas where the need for concealment from thieves is essential.

Flowering for 6 – 7 weeks. Lowryder can be harvested around 8 – 9 weeks after germination.

Each Lowryder will yield approx. five ounces of nice smoking and potent Indica bud producing a stoney high as can be expected of high class Indica.

Considered one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow anywhere.