Frank’s rant: cannabis seed banks are ripping us off!

Two marijuana seed scams and a solution

I have been growing marijuana, dealing in marijuana seeds, and working with marijuana seed banks for over 20 years.

These days, marijuana seed banks are not just overcharging for their seeds they are doing a “Monsanto” on us.

It’s time to give them the boot to the rear end they deserve.

Let me explain:

The feminised marijuana seeds scam

Back around the turn of the century feminised seeds began to appear on the market.

This was a good way to turn 10 seeds into 10 female bud producing plants. That’s twice as many as if the seeds were normal and produced (on average) 5 males and 5 females, of which the 5 male plants would have to be eliminated to ensure strong sensimillia (no seeds) buds.

So if you just wanted to grow one crop and never grow again it seemed like a good investment.

Fair enough.

But the catch is that if you ever want to grow again you have to trot back to the seed bank and purchase more feminised seeds, and so on and so on and so on.

Now this is fine as long as there always a choice between feminised and regular seeds – but here’s what has been happening:

Regular (normal and healthy) seeds are getting squeezed out of the equation. Every year, seed banks eliminate regular seeds in favour of feminised marijuana seeds only for popular strains.

An example of this comes from Sensi Seeds, which use to be one of my favourite seed banks for robust strains and breeding.

I was checking out their selection of automatic strains the other day. It wasn’t clear whether they were regular of feminised so I asked them via email.

They replied that all their automatic strains are now feminised. You can no longer buy regular automatic seeds.

In other words, they want to be the sole supplier of their automatic strains. Every time you want to grow a crop you have to go back to them and hand over you cash for their seeds.

They are doing a “Monsanto” on us. Worse still, they are concealing it by not even making it clear that the seeds are feminised and cannot be bred.

This isn’t just a problem with Sensi Seeds. All marijuana seed banks have been going down this road.

It’s a mission creep.

Every year, regular marijuana seeds are being eliminated to be replaced by feminised marijuana seeds only.

Of course it’s in their interests to keep you as a returning customer, unable to grow your own seeds.

But it’s not in our interests.

I want to turn this boat around.

Other problems with feminised marijuana seeds

So how do you create a plant that produces only feminised seeds?

There are a number of ways, some using genetically transforming chemicals.

The common method is placing a female plant under severe stress so that it produces pollen sacks. This pollen, created by a stressed female plant, when used to fertilise another female plant will only produce seeds that grow female plants – hence feminised seeds.

It’s a perversion of nature. It’s not the best way to produce health seeds and plants as nature intended it.

I will never believe that a stressed out plant will produce as robust a strain and a naturally bred healthy plant as a regular normal cannabis plant.

The best way to a great strain is to get an awesome daddy plant co-mingling with a awesome mummy plant to create hundreds, if not thousands, of healthy marijuana seeds for the next crop.

By this method of selective breeding you get a much better result than continually buying feminised seeds produced by perverting nature. And it won’t cost you a penny!

The hundreds of “new” varieties with fancy names scam

There are 3 basic types of marijuana grown today: Sativa from the tropics, Indica from the cooler higher altitudes, and Ruderalis from the Russian steppes.

Ruderalis does not produce any psychoactive properties but it flowers throughout its vegetative growth regardless of light cycles. Its genetics are used to produce all automatic varieties.

Indica is a short and dark green plant with dense buds and produces “stoner weed” or “couch lock” and is the basis of all medicinal strains.

Sativa is a large and light green plant with less dense buds that produces a “happy high”.

All marijuana varieties in seed banks are a combination of one or more of these basic types, bred over and over, combined with other hybrids endlessly producing ever more “exotic” stains with ever more ridiculous names.

The genetics are getting so mixed up these days that when you plant, say, 10 seeds from a new strain from a seed bank, you will tend to get a wide variety of characteristics in different plants, as recessive genes from past breeding manifest during growth.

The only way to stabilise a new strain is to select the plants that produce the most desirable traits for breeding. Over a few generations the consistency of the strain improves. (But you can’t do this if you stuck with buying a new batch of feminised seeds for every crop.)

If you want a great crop that consistently produces the type of weed you want, (party, inspirational, medical, CBD, etc.) you have to have access to regular seeds and do selective breeding. Anything else and it’s a bit of a hit and miss.

And forget the fancy names. Anyone can take a two strains of specific qualities and reputations, breed them, and produce a new strains branded with some enticing name. It’s not rocket science It’s chicanery.

So why I’m offering free marijuana seeds

As someone who has been in the marijuana seed and growing business for many years I’m sick of the way things are going. I’m sick of the ridiculous prices charged for some seed strains. (It costs virtually nothing to create thousands of seeds naturally.)

Charging stupid prices for “specialised” strains is also a scam. It costs no more to produce seeds for one variety than another. And when these “special” strains are only available a feminised seeds you are being double scammed!

We need change. To get this ball rolling I’m first going to be offering free cannabis seeds. I’m not a wealth philanthropist who can throw money into a good cause so I will be asking you to cover the shipping and handling costs. But the seeds are free.

free marijuana seeds

Super Blueberry Haze Automatic mother plant with seeds

I currently have bred and stockpiled Super Blueberry Haze Automatics seeds.

This is a great variety that grows around 2 1/2 feet tall (say, a little under a meter), produces thick sweet smelling bud that gives a happy inspirational high when consumed.

It can be harvested 3 months after germination (although waiting up to 4 months is best in my experience).

The original stock comes from Flash Seeds but this batch is a better version in my opinion because I only bred the most robust plants and weed out the deviants.

In the coming months I will have different seed varieties to offer. Medicinal and CBD stains are in the works. They will all be free. Just pay for my shipping costs. Deal done.

These seeds will move pretty fast. Free is a hard price to beat. If you want to get first dibs on these free marijuana seeds, enter your email in the field below and you’ll get first notification when I’m ready to ship. Also you can let me know what kind of varieties you are particularly interested in. If a lot of you say you want a strain good for stress reduction, (for example), I’ll get to work on producing those seeds.

Working towards a free marijuana seeds exchange

My longer term plan to counter these scams is to facilitate an online service where growers can exchange seeds among each other for free or nominal cost. We can all become our own seed banks producing amazing strains for each other through growing and exchanging.

When enough of us are in the loop and producing our own great varieties, we can set up a free seed exchange where we can swap seeds among each other. And yes, exchanging seeds is perfectly legal as far as I’m aware.

So sign-up below, not just to get free seeds now, but to become part of the worldwide free marijuana seed revolution!

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