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Free cannabis seed alerts FAQ:

Chris Cannabis

Free Seed Alerts admin Chris

How often do I get and send out free seed alerts?

Whenever a good deal comes in I send out the alert right away so you don’t miss out. On average I’d guess that would be 1 or 2 a month. Some months I get and send out more. Some months nothing worth alerting you for comes across my desk. I only send out alerts for good deals. Deals that are worth my time to send and your time to read.

Is it safe to be on this list?

The short answer is yes. This is a closed and exclusive list. Your email address is shared with no one. If you unsubscribe you are gone. Totally gone. If you want back on the list you will have to re-subscribe because I won’t have your address anymore.

So from my side your information is safe and secure.

Get a good email address

However, having said that, a lot of common email providers do spy on you. If you want to be off the surveillance radar, use a private encrypted email service. You can get an account for free. Two private email providers I use are Tutanota and Protonmail.

Also make sure you use an email that you check fairly often because free seed deals usually only last for a couple of days, a week at the most. If you are late seeing the alert you will miss out. Nothing I can do about that.

Are the seeds really free?

Yes, they are really free. This is not some spamy click-bait list.

However, to get free cannabis seeds you will be required to take some action like make a small purchase, or enter a competition, or do a review, or whatever.

If you are looking for marijuana seed banks to send you free seed simply by giving an address to send them to, that ain’t ever going to happen. Why not? Because any seed bank that sent out seeds for free to anybody who wanted them would be out of seeds in less than 24 hours and be left with a big shipping bill to pay!

Most free seed deals work something like this – buy 10 seeds and get an extra 10 seeds for free. There are variations. Sometimes it can be a picture competition, or a review request. But regardless, it is always a give and take situation.

Here’s an example of my latest experience of a free seed deal

The other day I took advantage of a Seedsman offer and ordered 10 Sensi Seeds for a very god price. I got back 26 seeds in total:


Samples of previous free seed deals

I no longer update this page as I just send out alerts to the free cannabis seed list. But here’s a list of deals you missed by not being on the list. Don’t miss out next time. Get on the list!

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I Love Growing Marijuana seedbank

I love growing marijuana seed bankBuy 10 seeds get 10 free seeds of the same variety*

to see eligible strains click on this link to view

*offer from 18th to 23rd of September 2019

12 September 2019

– – – –

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam marijuana seedsBuy 10 seeds get 10 free seeds of the same variety*

Eligible strains:

  • Skunk Supreme feminised
  • Pot of Gold feminised
  • Haze feminised
  • Narco feminised
  • Kryptonite feminised
  • Candy Kush feminised

Click here to see them all

*offer ends 15 September 2019

– – – –

6 September 2019


sensi seeds logoSensi Seeds is now doing a 50% off sale on 3 of its strains:

Big Bud Automatic €37.50   €18.75

Afghan #1 Automatic €27.00 €13.50

Early Skunk Automatic €22.51 €11.25

*offer ends 9 September 2019

See all their automatic strains here: Sensiseeds Automatics

BTW, if you reading about this opportunity outside of Europe you’re shit out of luck because, for whatever reason, Sensi Seeds do not send seeds outside of the continent.

– – – –

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Labor Day special

Amsterdam marijuana seeds

Buy 10 seeds get 10 free seeds of the same variety*

15 eligible strains

click this link to view

*offer ends 2 September 2019

– – – –

posted 28 August 2019

Weed Seed Shop


Weed Seed Shop give away 5 free seeds if you spend €50 (approx. £44 or $59) and 10 if you spend €75 (approx. £66 or $88).

Note that the seeds they give away may not be the same as the strain(s) you are buying.

Click here to browse Weed Seed Shop

*offer ends 3 September 2019

Note: Weed Seed Shop only ships seeds to Europe

– – –

I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank

I love growing marijuana seed bank

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) often give away 10 free seeds when you buy 10 seeds.

This offer applies to only a few strains at a time, and these change regularly.

These ‘buy 10, get 10 free’ offers have included popular strains like White Widow and Super Silver Haze, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on these offers.

Click here to see what free marijuana seeds are available just now:

Free marijuana seeds from ILGM

ILGM ships seeds worldwide

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Nirvana seed bank

Nirvana SeedsNirvana Seeds used to give ten free cannabis seeds with every order. But as of 2017, they no longer do this. However, if you buy Nirvana Seeds via Seedsman, you can get free seeds when you place an order and pay with Bitcoin.

– – –

Seedsman seed bank

Seedsmanfree seeds from Seedsman are a long-standing highly reputable company based in London, UK. They are not a seedbank themselves but sell seeds from a huge variety of seedbanks. Generally you will pay slightly more than ordering from a particular seedbank directly. However, they are currently giving away free marijuana seeds and other discounts when you buy with Bitcoin.

Click here for details of their current free seeds and discounts: Seedsman free seeds

Seedsman ships seeds worldwide

– – –

By keeping an eye on the free marijuana seed give-aways, you can grow some awesome weed with little initial outlay (if you live in  a country we’re it’s legal to grow marijuana or course or you have a special grower’s permit :)).