Free cannabis seeds

Great free cannabis seeds deals

Did you say free cannabis seeds?

Yes I did.

The catch is of course that you usually have to buy something in order to qualify for free cannabis seeds but it’s still a great way to get top quality cannabis seeds for free.

A number of reliable quality cannabis seed banks have free seeds they will throw in when you place a small order but on of the best of the bunch is Seedsman of London who sell cannabis seeds worldwide.


Where (and how) to get free marijuana seeds

free feminized cannabis seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds are a quality seed bank that currently give away five feminized seeds with every order that’s over €100 or more – approx. £86 or $112.

The type of free seed changes every few weeks but since all their feminized strains are excellent, you’re guaranteed something good. You’ll get five feminized seeds of the same type.


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)I Love Growing Marijuana free seeds often give away 10 free seeds when you buy 10 seeds.

This offer applies to only a few strains at a time, and these change regularly.

These ‘buy 10, get 10 free’ offers have included popular strains like White Widow and Super Silver Haze, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on these offers.

Click here to see what free marijuana seeds are available just now:

Free marijuana seeds from ILGM



Nirvana SeedsNirvana Seeds used to give ten free cannabis seeds with every order. But as of 2017, they no longer do this. However, if you buy Nirvana Seeds via Seedsman, you can get free seeds when you place an order and pay with Bitcoin.


Seedsmanfree seeds from Seedsman are a long-standing highly reputable company based in London, UK. They are not a seedbank themselves but sell seeds from a huge variety of seedbanks. Generally you will pay slightly more than ordering from a particular seedbank directly. However, they are currently giving away free marijuana seeds and other discounts when you buy with Bitcoin.

Click here for details of their current free seeds and discounts: Seedsman free seeds


free marijuana seeds from Paradise SeedsParadise Seeds have occasional promotions of free marijuana seeds. In fact, most months they give free seeds with most orders.




sensi seeds logoSensi Seeds occasionally does promotions with 15% off for all its seed varieties.

BTW, if you reading about this opportunity outside of Europe you’re shit out of luck because, for whatever reason, Sensi Seeds do not send seeds outside of the continent.



free cannabis seeds from Weed Seed Shop

At the time of writing, Weed Seed Shop give away 5 free seeds if you spend €50 (approx. £44 or $59) and 10 if you spend €75 (approx. £66 or $88).

Note that the seeds they give away may not be the same as the strain(s) you are buying.

Click here to browse Weed Seed Shop

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Bookmark this page and check back every so often because it’s being constantly updated and as new free cannabis seeds deals come on board we will post them up here so you can be first to find out about them before they run out.

By keeping an eye on the free marijuana seed give-aways, you can grow some awesome weed with little initial outlay (if you live in  a country we’re it’s legal to grow marijuana or course or you have a special grower’s permit :)).