Mr Nice Seed Bank

Managed by the famous cannabis geneticist, Mr S., the Mr Nice marijuana seed bank incorporates several experienced cannabis breeders and cannabis connoisseurs with plenty of feedback and support from the famous Mr Nice himself – Howard Marks.

So at the Mr Nice Seed Bank you’ve got a lot of experience and good judgment when it comes to developing some of the greatest cannabis types ever known.

mr nice marijuanaMost of the Mr Nice seed-bank strains have won praise and awards such as Black Widow, G13 Skunk, and Afghan Haze.

The vision in creating the Mr Nice Seed Bank is to maintain the genetics of the traditional cannabis types, and combine them to develop super cannabis types and distribute them around the world so that many others can enjoy theĀ  genetic mastery.

To ensure purity they rear their marijuana in hermetically sealed grow rooms to prevent cross pollination of stray pollen.

What this means for you the grower is that if you get weed seeds from the Mr Nice Seed Bank you know you are getting pure strains that delivers the harvests just as they were made to.

You avoid unpleasant harvests with Mr Nice cannabis seeds. A predictable bounty of the best weed in the world is delivered consistantly.

All Mr Nice Seed Bank strains are strong and predictable and could be grown outdoors or indoors.

For the Mr Nice seed-bank, nothing but the best will be made available. You can utilize Mr Nice Seed Bank weed seeds with confidence.

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